Grimes Manufacturing Inc. has been providing precision machining services since early 1986. From the very beginning, we have been partnering with our customers to reduce costs, reduce inventory and lead times, improve products and meet scheduled deadlines with an outstanding on-time delivery record.

Grimes Manufacturing Inc. has maintained our commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology. By continually updating our equipment and constantly re- evaluating our process of manufacturing, we have been able to continually cost save on repeat business and retrieve business that has been manufactured overseas.

We build our business on the confidence and trust of our customers.

When our customers are in development of new products, we are continually consulted on the latest manufacturing practices and most cost effective design considerations. Although machining is the base of our company, we have been providing sub- assemblies and full assembled product lines for our customers. We perform complete electrical and mechanical testing as per customer specifications and requirements.

Grimes Manufacturing, Inc. is ISO-9000 compliant and have been certified to be so by multiple customers. Our climate controlled inspection room is fully equipped with calibrated state-of-the-art equipment.

All of us at Grimes Manufacturing, Inc. would like to thank our customers and YOU for considering us for your manufacturing needs.